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Senior Software Engineer


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Developing webapp, mobile app from frontend to backend and mentoring developers are what I enthusiastic about.

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Batbayar has been working as a software engineer for ten years. Working on a full stack encourages him to learn new every day, which he finds very enjoyable. This also gives him a broad range of options for personal and professional development.


Anytime ready to face new challanges. Could download my resume as PDF.

Senior Developer
  • SAP Signavio
  • Berlin

At SAP Signavio, I work on the Process Transformation Suite, which brings together process mining, management, and automation in one platform. The company promotes an autonomous team structure, which allows me to work on both frontend and backend tasks, from coding to infrastructure.

  • Develop react shell app for micro frontend architecture.
  • Enable other teams to develop microfrontend modules autonomously and to easily integrate them into the shell app.
  • Work on infrastructure to make the service more redundant, and highly available. Enhance the monitoring and logging.
  • Oncall duty to keep system stable, safe and enhance observation tools and metrics.
  • Improve hiring process and mentor new people to the team.
Senior Software Engineer
  • Klarna
  • Berlin

Storefronts need to attract customers, and the deal is one of the significant factors. I was working on features to make deals more reachable, attractive, and targeted to users.

  • Develop cross-platform, extensive, testable code in Graphql on NodeJS backend and React, React Native frontend projects.
  • Work on new features from top to bottom with a data-driven approach. Taking ownership, planning, observing implementation, and A/B testing.
  • Collaborate with other teams to provide fast efficient solutions for cross-team features.
  • Occasionally be an oncall person and keep system stability safe and maintain observing tools.
  • Perform threat modeling session to take preventive step from potential risks.
  • Mentor new joiners to the team.
Frontend Engineer (Consultant)
  • Canva
  • Remote from Mongolia

Canva has a regional printing service where customers can print their designs on flyers, business cards, stickers, cups, t-shirts, etc… Was working on making new printable products available through Canva.

  • Work on implementing features and fixing bugs on the public-facing frontend app to enable more printing options and flexibility.
  • Deliver multi-platform, extensive, testable code. Improve stability and test code coverage of existing code.
  • Make react components more accessibility friendly.
  • Observe system stability and act fast on delivering a solution.
  • Increase product effectiveness by working with analytics teams to try different approaches.
  • Songo
  • Remote

I encountered exciting experiences while working on this project. Participate in the decision-making process, and work in every part of the development backend, frontend, developer experience, deployment, and infra management.

  • Designed backend rest APIs, having a minimal workforce in mind, using PostgreSQL, PostgRest, Vert.x, Angular, Vue, Firebase.
  • I have designed and implemented continuous deployment with Gitlab CI. As a result, the company securely kept sensitive data and drastically reduced deployment time and failure.
  • Collaborate with people with drastically different experiences, so needed to come up with solutions with technology usage.
  • Helped the teams to apply good practices about hosting, and managing services that helped to increase availability, and reduce costs.
Senior Software Engineer
  • Grab
  • Singapore

It was an excellent opportunity to take at a fast-growing company and learn a lot from talented people in both coding and non-coding skills.

  • I work with well-structured, dedicated teams to deliver reliable, scalable, testable code for React, RoR, Golang, and GraphQL projects.
  • Operate close with SRE to implement new features and upgrade the existing infrastructure. Terraform, Ansible, and Jenkins were used in infrastructure management and deployment.
  • Maintained the stability of the projects by completing critical 3rd party integrations and improving code quality of legacy code.
  • Mentored new members and helped them settle down and understand the workflow.
  • Participate in immersion programs to understand the pain points of users. It was a unique experience to meet our customers face to face and get their direct feedback.
Software Engineer (Senior)
  • Unimedia
  • Ulaanbaatar

I had worked at the Japanese company “Unimedia” in Mongolia for 2.5 years as a software engineer then promoted to a senior level just before 2017.

  • Operate jointly with engineering managers to keep AWS-based cloud environments scalable, stable, and cost-efficient.
  • I have installed and maintained a rack server in the office to increase development experience. The result was exceptional.
  • Run internal training for teams that prepared them to maintain aws infrastructure and act fast on aws-related incidents.
  • Served as a software engineer on a caching system, a crowd-sourcing platform, and a web crawler and made them distributed and reliable.
  • Mentored two interns and three new joiners and guided them through the work cycle and environment.
  • Aptech Worldwide Mongolia
  • Ulaanbaatar

I was teaching operating systems, computer parts, networking, desktop applications, and web applications development. I would say the knowledge gained from here is backing me up until now.

  • Teach various development languages and technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, C#, Java, etc…) and explain how the computer parts work, and examine their components.
  • Assistant in administrating and maintaining a windows server and network to provide secure, fast, stable studying and working environment.
  • Increase overall content quality by modifying and rearranging premade subjects and topics
bachelor of computer applications
  • Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
  • India

Computer science knowledge, programming languages, data structures, algorithms, databases, testing, system design, and graphic design.

computer applications training
  • Aptech Worldwide Mongolia
  • Mongolia

Programming fundamentals, programming languages, relational databases, networking, and server management.



I am a hard worker who likes to see the result of a task. Then analyze the result and constantly improves.

Klarna provides online financial services such as payments for online storefronts, direct payments, post-purchase payments, and more.
Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.
Gamma and Omega
Gamma is internal management system which used by employees and customer experience team to get insightful information about specific components' info of business. Omega is system used to manage exclusive, targetted deals.
Crowdsourcing platform that is co-operating with several same service providers. Yahoo Japan, Shufti, Netmile are some of the co-operators.
Abcdtask's landing and internal management systems.
Multi companies cooperated advertisement system and I was part of back-end development team for tracking. This is one of the frontend systems.
Ragusa Tour
Tourist guide and agency company's website. Web was about getting general information about company and tavel routes and registration. Worked on this site as solo freelancer. Developed in Ruby on Rails.


Whats I'm good at

Always enjoy trying new things and let it expand possibilities.

React Native
Ruby on Rails
AWS, Terraform
MySQL, PostgreSQL
Golang, PHP, Linux etc..
  • API design and development
  • Web, mobile development
  • CI/CD process, management
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Multi-cloud maintainance
  • Infrastructure as a code
  • Relational Database
  • NoSQL Database
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Linux servers, Virtualization
  • Agile, Waterfall development
  • Positive work ethic
  • Reliable
  • Self learner
  • Self motivation
  • Work hard
  • Team player
  • Mentor